Wathaurung (VIC)

LocationSouth of Geelong toward Cape Otway; northwest to Lake Burrambeet, Beaufort, and Ballarat; about Princetown and upper Barwon River; also east of Geelong to Queenscliff.
Co-ordinates143°55'E x 38°0'S
Area3,000 sq. m. (7,800 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesWadthaurung, Waitowrung, Wudthaurung, Woddowrong, Waddorow, Wadawio, Wadourer, Woddowrong, Wollowurong, Woddowro, Wudjawuru, Witowurrung, Wothowurong, Watorrong, Witaoro (kuli = man), Wudja-wurung, Witowurung, Witowur®ong, Witowro, Witoura, Wadjawuru, Wuddyawurru, Wuddyawurra, Witouro, Witswrong (typographical error), Wittyawhuurong, Warra, Wardy-yallock (horde in Pitfield area), Borumbeet Bulluk (horde at Lake Burrambeet speaking a slight dialect), Bengali (horde near Geelong), Buninyong (place name, location of a northern horde).