Weilwan (NSW)

LocationSouthern side of Barwon River from Brewarrina to Walgett; south along Marra Creek and the Castlereagh, Marthaguy, and Macquarie rivers; south to Quambone and to near Coonamble. One of the several hordes of the Weilwan was the Waiabara. The Kawambarai (Koinberi) on upper Castlereagh River and on part of Liverpool Plains were a distinct tribe not recognized in my 1940 work. Color plate 8 is relevant.
Co-ordinates147°40'E x 30°30'S
Area5,000 sq. m. (13,000 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesWailwan, Wilwan, Wallwan, Wailwun (['weil] = ['wail] = no), Wilawun, Weilwun, Waal-won, Wile Wan, Wali, Waljwan, Ngiumba (name of language), Wahoon (misprint).