Wiilman (WA)

LocationAt Wagin and Narrogin; on Collie, Hotham, and Williams rivers west to Collie; Wuraming north to Gnowing, Dattening, and Pingelly; east to Wickepin, Dudinin, and Lake Grace; south to Nyabing (Nampup), Katanning, Woodanilling, and Duranilling. Southern and western boundaries correspond with the change in place name terminations from [-ing] to [-ap]. The Hassell manuscript as summarized by Davidson includes much Koreng tribe data under the name of this tribe.
Co-ordinates117°10'E x 33°10'S
Area6,700 sq. m. (17,400 sq. km.)
ReferencesNind, 1832; Brown, 1856; Curr, 1886; Bates, 1914; Hassell (Davidson), 1936; Tindale, 1940; Davidson and McCarthy, 1957; Anon. MS, P.L.W.A. no. 436.
Alternative NamesWheelman, Weel, Weal, Weil, Will, Jaburu (Koreng term, i.e., northerners or northwesterners), Williams tribe.