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Born : 15 May, 1860
Died : 01 January, 1943

Mr Franz Xavier Carl Wilhelm Martin, known as FX Martin, was born on 15 May 1860 in Staufen, Germany and died in Adelaide in 1943.

Mr FX Martin was associated with the Killalpaninna Lutheran Mission Station, Cooper's Creek, in 1882-1884. During this period the Rev. CA Meyer gave him notes of the language of the Dieri tribe (see AA 215 Meyer Collection). Following his association at the Mission, Martin, 'conversant with the Dieri dialect', 'had the opportunity to learn a great deal of their customs and ceremonies'. Mr Martin was living at Port Pirie in the mid-1930s, the date of his correspondence with the South Australian Museum (SAM).

The Martin Collection comprises notes on the Dieri and correspondence. The material came in to SAM between 1933 and 1935. A related Dieri vocabulary which was transcribed in January 1934 from a manuscript lent to SAM by FX Martin became AA 215 Meyer Collection.

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