Daisy FM Fry

Daisy FM Fry (also known as Mrs RR Fry) lived at "Grey Gums", Wirrega, in the Tatiara district of South Australia in about 1940, and researched and wrote a paper on the history of Wirrega Station. The introduction states that she 'is a grand daughter of the late Mr Francis Davison, the well known solicitor of Mount Gambier, whose father, Captain Francis Davison, RN arrived at Port Adelaide in the Cleveland on 19 December 1839, and settled at Blakiston, near Mount Barker.'

The photographs which form Series 2 of this collection were donated to the South Australian Museum (SAM) by Daisy FM Fry in March 1956. They had been given to Mrs Fry to pass on to the Museum by Miss V Stansbury and Mr Melville Binnie, of Sydney. Mr Binnie was a small boy when the family left Wirrega head station in the early 1870s.

The paper by Daisy FM Fry which forms Series 1 of this collection was probably also donated to SAM in 1956.

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