Lantern Slides

CollectionHale, Herbert Matthew
Quantity 0.1cm,     81x81mm glass slides
Series IdentifierAA 124/04
Previously Acc No. 2354, 812, 738

A collection of glass lanterns slides, each bordered in black or pink. Originally accommodated in custom made loose lidded wooden boxes 110x85x273 mm. Each box was titled, eg: "Box 1. Haunts of life" and marked in pencil 'Hale personal.'The list is as follows:
"Box 1. Haunts of life; Box 2. Fishing methods;Box 3. Aquatic botany; Box 4. Whales; Box 5. Hermannsburg; Box 6. Insects; Box 7. Polyzoa; Box 8. Reptiles; Box 9. Mamals, Children's Zoo; Box 10. Mamals; Box 11. General; Box 12. Cacti; Box 13. Central Australia; Box 14. Special adaptions, Box 15. Insects; Box 16. Trawling; Box 17,Birds; Box 18. Rats; Box 19; Box 20; Box 21. Miscellaneous; Box 22. Fishes; Box 23; North Queensland."

A further portion of this series may be included within AA 338 NB Tindale's collection who was also an entomologist, travelled with Hale and whose collection includes lantern slides.

Some slides are broken or cracked, but the pieces are held together by the side tapings. Markings on some slides may be obscured by borders added to facilitate projection.

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