General Correspondence

Date Range1935  -  1937
Quantity   3  
CollectionCharles Chewings
Series IdentifierAA 59/01

Correspondence between Chewings and Norman Barnett Tindale (AA 338), Ethnologist at the South Australian Museum covering the period November 1935 until April 1937. Much of the correspondence is devoted to the translation of Theodore George Henry Strehlow's (AA 316) study of the phonetics of the Aranda language. The last letter written by Chewings on April 4, 1937, shortly before his death, advised Tindale that he had completed the extraction of the Aranda and Loritja native words and their meanings from Strehlow's work and had compiled them on slips ready to be arranged in alphabetical order for ease of use. These do not appear to be the same slips as described in AA 59/4. Reference is also made to notes being made available to the public regarding the Francis James Gillen (AA 108) photographic collection, and to the publication of Chewings "Back in the stone age" and to his anthropological papers.

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