Hermannsburg photographs 1920s-1930s

Date Range1920  -  1940
CollectionPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
Quantity   173   Loose photographs
Series IdentifierAA 662/077

This series consists of photographs of everyday life at Hermannsburg in the 1920s and 1930s. It includes children playing, men working and women engaged in various activities. There are named individuals, including the Albrecht family and other mission staff, Albert Namatjira (Australian Aboriginal man, See AA 229) and other prominent Arrernte people. There are photos of Hermannsburg buildings and gardens. Paul Albrecht (See AA 707) also added some descriptive information

Part of this series is annotated with numbers allocated by ? Philip Jones with information supplied by Mrs Burns. These are identified as A, B, C etc series. Other parts are copies of various scenes whose annotation contains additional information, so each copy should be viewed to gain a fuller 'picture' of the places and people identified.

Some 35mm strip negatives were also previously located with these prints. They have been described as AA 662/107/4

Included Items