CollectionRobert Edwards
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Series IdentifierAA 83/08

This series contains the following sub-series of correspondence relating to:

  1. Elizabeth Perry and Suzanne Miller
  2. Margaret Anderson (History Trust) relating to ‘cultural precinct'
  3. McGroarty relating to professional progress and obtaining a print
  4. Stan Colliver
  5. Jack Hare
  6. Nic Peterson of the Australian National University, 1967-1973
  7. Mixed professional correspondence relating to exhibitions 1970-1972
  8. Mixed professional correspondence 2005-2008
  9. Philip Brown regarding the 'Robinson material'.
  10. Norman B Tindale (see AA338)
  11. John Mulvaney
  12. Adrian Newstead relating to a book on Aboriginal art
  13. Don Busbridge and Barry Linder relating to Aboriginal land rights
  14. Dick Kimber
  15. TH Strehlow
  16. Michael Treloar
  17. Dr EC Black relating to a draft about canoe trees (see AA31)
  18. Harold Sheard (see AA290)
  19. Graham Clark relating to publication of a book
  20. Walter McDougall
  21. Kingsley Ireland relating to the Holman family
  22. Ed Ruhe
  23. CJ Hackett (see AA122)
  24. Ben Gunn relating to Arnhem Land "Bolungbim" and Jawoyn Rock Art and Heritage Project
  25. David Yencken relating to Kakadu National Park
  26. HC Coombs relating to the Solander Gallery
  27. Assorted professional correspondence

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