Photographs relating to Australian Aboriginal people

Archive Collections / Daisy May Bates / Photographs relating to Australian Aboriginal people
Date Range1920  -  1937
CollectionDaisy May Bates
Quantity 1cm,   3   photographs and negatives, in plastic sleeves
Series IdentifierAA23/07

This series consists of two black and white photos taken at Ooldea, plus a photo of a fossil seashell from Ooldea used as a millstone by Aboriginal people. The latter photo is labelled Acc. No. 725 and AA 23/7/1.

The two photographs (AA23/7/1/1-2) were not listed as part of the Bates Collection in 1980, when Kay Mead compiled a guide to this collection. They were probably copied from the Bolam collection (see AA 640) in 1999 for the National Trust of South Australia's exhibition on Daisy Bates (see Series 6).

The series also included a set of paste-up photographs of Aboriginal sites and stone artefacts cut from a paper by TD Campbell (see AA 52) and R Edwards (see AA 83) entitled 'Stone implements', published in Aboriginal Man in South and Central Australia (Board for Anthropological Research, University of Adelaide, 1966). It appears that these photographs were wrongly placed in the Bates collection at some time in the past. The offcut photographs have now been placed in the TD Campbell collection. It is possible that the photograph of the fossil shell is also from the Campbell collection, but as the photo was evidently provided to Campbell by Bates, it is retained in the Bates collection.

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