Professions and Personal - Slides Volume 44

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Date Range1932  -  1985
CollectionDr Norman Barnett Tindale
Quantity   474  
ArrangedBy subject
Series IdentifierAA338/71

This series comprises slides that are supplementary to Norman Barnett Tindale's field notes and expedition journals, as well as travels later in Tindale's life. There are also slides sent from colleagues.

The slides have been divided by subject: Anthropolgist John Greenway U. of Colorado; Palaeontology Stirton Field Trips; Anthropologist Hodge W. and family, Anthroplogists Groups Australia, Colorado; Anthropologists Australia: Palaeontologists; Anthropologists USA; Botanists: Archeologists U.S.A.; Entomologists Australia; Entomologists Australian LeSouef, McFarland; Entomologists U.S.A; Zoologists; Entomologists Australian Groups; Bordes, F. Anthropologist; Archaeologists Aust.; Geographers; Personalities; Geologists; Slides of Tindale including T.V interview; Visit of Queen Elizabteth II to Adelaide; Anthony and Kim Banks wedding; Library and Collection

The descriptions are quoted directly from each slide, of which Tindale annotated himself. Where there is a reference to a particular expedition we have noted the supplementary journal that relates to the slide.

Users are warned that some images in this series may contain images and written descriptions that might be culturally sensitive. The restricted images are not listed but they are placed in separate volumes.

The slides listed in the inventory for this series are housed in a photo album labelled 'PROFESSIONS & PERSONAL'

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