Film - Central Australia I

CollectionAlfred Edward Gerard
Series IdentifierAA841/2

This is the second of four films reels that form the AE Gerard Collection. In this summary all intertitles are italicised and within quotation marks. All spelling within intertitles have been left as originally spelt. Language and terms which reflect the author's attitude or that of the period in which the item was produced may be considered inappropriate today. This film mainly focuses on MacDonnell Ranges and Hermannsburg mission.

The original 16mm has two main labels. The first states " col. + B/w " implying that the video is a mixture of black and white. The second label gives an inventory as follow: "Mr. A.E.Gerard in North, Cars in bush country, Stoney Mountains, Native Children, in the MacDonnell Ranges, prospecting party on camels, Hermannsburg Mission, Camels and Pedals Wireless".

The summary is in minutes and seconds. Formats held: SP Betacam, Digital Betacam, DVDs.

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