'Old men & Boys.', 'Nibia SoaK', 'Picilly Natives, 'Ngalia Tribe'

Archive Collections / Aborigines' Friends' Association / Series AA1/11 / 'Old men & Boys.', 'Nibia SoaK', 'Picilly Natives, 'Ngalia Tribe'

Image: Front view of four men kneeling on the ground. There are three older bearded men, all with several scars on their chest, and a younger man behind them, who has no facial hair and only a couple of scars on his chest.

Annotations: 'Old men & Boys.', 'Nibia SoaK', 'Picilly [Picilly Springs?] Natives', 'Ngalia Tribe', 'mcs[?] at Buma CK [Burma Creek?]', 'ca [Central Australia?] 100 Miles East of their Totem Home.', 'on Walkeabout [Walkabout]. 1931' [sic].

Captioned: 'Burma Creek'.

Other Information: This photo probably taken by the missionary, Ernest E Kramer (see AA 669), see Series AA 1/25/1 for handwriting sample with a signature. Photographic paper is marked 'VELOX' repeated diagonally and 'KODAK PRINT'.

Negatives on file: 35mm b/w film

This item includes reference to the following named group: 'Ngalia'.

Tindale Tribes: Ngalia.

CreatorAborigines' Friends' Association
ControlAA 1/11/2
Date Range1931  -  1931
Quantity 0.1cm,   1   photographic print
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA1/11
Tindale Tribes: