'Ngalia in the Dashwood district.'

Image: Front view of women and children standing, posing for a group photograph.

Annotations: 'Ngalia in the Dashwood district.' Extra annotations on insert: 'Pastor Albrecht's (see AA 662) handwriting here' [Confirmed by Helene Burns, who is Pastor Albrecht's daughter]. Noted by Dr Philip Jones, South Australian Museum.

Captioned: 'Darkwood [Dashwood] district'.

Other information: Ink stamped, 'PRINTED AT MARCHANT'S STUDIO' in a circular border, 'GAWLER & TANUNDA' in the circle.

Negatives on file: not available

Photographed in: Northern Territory.

This item includes reference to the following named group: 'Ngalia'.

Tindale Tribes: Ngalia.

CreatorAborigines' Friends' Association
ControlAA 1/15/1
Quantity 0.1cm,   1   photographic print
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA1/15
Tindale Tribes: