'II. Same group, different position, Aug.1929'

Image: Front view of four women sitting on the ground in front of what appears to be a shelter or windbreak made of spinifex and cloth. Each woman is holding an infant.

Annotations: 'II. Same group, different position, Aug.1929'.

Captioned: 'Types of native women in Central Australia. The children were howling while the photographgraph was being taken.'

Other information: The annotation may refer to the 'Luritja' people in AA 1/3/25, as the woman holding a child second from the left in this photograph appears to be the same woman in AA 1/3/25 standing and holding a child. Both are wearing similar items of clothing. photographic paper is marked 'VELOX' repeated diagonally and 'KODAK PRINT'.

Photograph block No. 153
Negatives on file: 35mm b/w film

This item includes reference to the following named group: 'Luritja'.

Tindale Tribes: Kukatja (NT).

This corresponds to AIATSIS Language Groups: Luritja.

CreatorAborigines' Friends' Association
ControlAA 1/3/29
Date Range01 August, 1929  -  01 August, 1929
Quantity 0.1cm,   1   photographic print
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA1/03
Tindale Tribes: