'Mt Liebig Expedition'

Board for Anthropological Research Exepedition H

This item contains restricted material.

Journal kept by Fry during the BAR expedition to Mt Liebig, Central Austtralia. During this expedition, Fry accompanied BAR to collect psychological and sociological data on Australian Aboriginal people. Fry has written in the front and back of this journal.

The front of this journal contains the following:

  • A description of the route taken during the BAR expedition from the 4-23 August 1931.

  • Information on various types of food and their preservation.

  • Psychological testing notes.

  • Iliauri tribe vocabularies and conparisons to the Aranda.

  • Hand written transcripts of dispatch letters sent and received by Lord Charles Glenelg [Baron Charles Glenelg] (1778-1866), Sir George Gipps (1791-1847), and Sir Richard Bourke (1777-1855).

  • Hand written transcripts of various correspondence and offical notices regarding Australian Aboriginal people ranging from 1837-1912.

The back of this journal contains the following:
  • Phonetic chart.

  • References and notes regarding people documented in the BAR sociological, anthropological, vital statistics and ACER data cards (see AA 346/4/14).

  • Vocabularies of the Kukatji and Pintubi tribes.

  • Notes and hand drawn diagrams of plant life around the Pintubi area.

  • Restricted notes on ceremonies including hand drawn diagrams.

  • Somes notes on dreams had by various Australian Aboriginal people.

  • Various journal like entires of Fry's experiences with Australian Aboriginal people and documentation of stories and conversations had.

  • Hand drawn map of Alukura, 1932

  • Translated legends and myths from Pintubi and Kukatja languages.

  • Kinship terms and notes on social organisation of the tribes in the Mt Liebig area.

  • Songs in Pitchentara [Pitjantjatjara] language.

  • Notes and citations from Rev. Carl FT Strehlow (1871-1922, see AA 315), and Ernest E Kramer (1889-1958, see AA 669).

Tindale Tribes: Pintubi; Ngalia; Kukatja (NT); Pitjandjara.

CreatorFry, Dr Henry Kenneth
ControlAA 105/1/1
Date Range1931  -  1932
Quantity 21.5cm,   1   19.4x12.5cm journal.
FormatsPublished Papers or Articles, Notebooks
Series AA105/01