'Expedition Yuendumu 1951'

Board for Anthropological Research Expedition P

This item contains restricted material.

Journal containing psychological and sociological data collected by Fry during the BAR expedition to Yuendumu, Central Australia 1951. This journal contains the following:

  • General journal entires of the expedition

  • Vocabularies.

  • Genealogical patterns with kinship terms.

  • Hand drawn diagrams including a map and other Australian Aboriginal artitacts.

  • Test results; some from numbers and spelling tests, others from undentified tests, possibly Porteus Maze or Rorschach tests.

  • Monthly reports from a school run by a man named Strafford from 1950 to 1951.

  • Records of "colour selection", possible colour test results.

  • Notes from the expedition around Mt Doreen (NT).

  • Rough sketch of a child's drawing.

  • Notes on Australian Aboriginal songs.

  • Loose page of psychological data.

CreatorFry, Dr Henry Kenneth
ControlAA 105/1/4
Date Range1951  -  1951
Quantity 21.5cm,   1   20.3x12.5cm journal.
FormatsPublished Papers or Articles
Series AA105/01