Vocabularies from Western Queensland

Hand written notes and typescripts of vacabularies from the Julaolinya and Kungkalenja tribes of Western Queensland.

  • AA 105/6/25/1/1-12
    Twelve pages of hand written vocabularies of the Ulalinya [Julaolinja] near Sandingham Station and Koonkalinya [Kungkalenja] near Cluny Station in Western Queensland. These vocabularies were possibly taken by a Mr WG Field and supplied to Fry.

  • AA 105/6/25/2/1-7
    Five typescript vocabularies of the Ulalinya [Julaolinja] at Sandingham Station and the Koonkalinya [Kungkalenja] at Cluny Station, Western Queensland. These vocabularies were taken by WG Field, supplied to Fry for publication by Mrs Catherine Stow (1856-1940). This typescript is complete with introductory notes and annotations.

Tindale Tribes: Julaolinja; Kungkalenja.

CreatorFry, Dr Henry Kenneth
ControlAA 105/6/25/1-2
Quantity 6cm,   19   Foolscap and quarto sheets.
FormatsLoose Notes
Series AA105/06
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