• AA 105/7/3/1
    'Sections across vocal cords'
    Three hand drawn diagrams of the human, gorilla and cebus monkey vocal cords.

  • AA 105/7/3/2
    'Sections of chin bones'
    Four hand drand diagrams of modern European, neanderthal, piltdown, and chimpanzee chin bones.

  • AA 105/7/3/3
    Sections of the brain
    Hand drawn diagram of a brain showing the motor, sensation, hearing, speech, and vision sections lablled.

  • AA 105/7/3/4
    Hand drawn chimpanzee brain with the motor, sensation, visiong and hearing sections labelled.

  • AA 105/7/3/5
    Four typescript quotes from William Shakespeare (1564-1616), Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809- 1892), the Bible, and a prayer book.

  • AA 105/7/3/6
    'Schmit's Division of Australian Languages'
    Hand drawn map of Australia showing the division between Northern and Southern languages. Possibly by the missionary Karl Wilhelm Edward Schmidt (? - 1864).

CreatorFry, Dr Henry Kenneth
ControlAA 105/8/3/1-6
Quantity 4cm,   6   half quarto cards.
FormatsDrawings, Sketches, Loose Notes, Diagrams
Series AA105/08