Two quarto sheets with diagrams and notes from Shellshear, Dr JL, 1930, The Arterial supply of the Cerebral Cortox in the Chimpanzee (Anthropopithecus Thoglodytes), Journal of Anatomy, Vol. 65 (Part 1), pg. 46-87.

  • AA 105/8/5/1
    'Arterial Supply of the Cerebral Cortex in the Chimpanzee'
    Six hand drawn disgrams of a chimpanzee's brain, numbered from 1 to 29.

  • AA 105/8/5/2
    'Shellshear - Arterial Supply of the Cerebral Cortex in the Chimpanzee - cont. -'
    Three hand drawn diagrams.

CreatorFry, Dr Henry Kenneth
ControlAA 105/8/5/1-2
Quantity 4cm,   2   quarto.
FormatsDrawings, Loose Notes, Diagrams
Series AA105/08