This image depicts the same scene from AA108/50/1/416-420 but from the opposite point of view. In the foreground the women are standing between the Arachitta poles facing toward the men and the men are seated in the background watching the women.

Formerly AP6002.

For mounted album photograph see AA108/8/11/3 & AA108/18/43/4.

421. '191 Blue Album I 6002'.
422. 'AP6002 19/Oct 1967 Unthippe 6002'.

Photograph taken MacDonnell Ranges, NT.

Tindale Tribes: Aranda.

AIATSIS Tribal/Language Groups: Arrernte.

CreatorFrancis James Gillen
ControlAA 108/50/1/2/421-422
Date Range1896  -  1897
Quantity   2   Print (b&w prints).
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 108/50
Tindale Tribes: