Two men preparing for ceremony. One man is assisting the other to put his emu feather shoes on for Kurdaitcha. Both men have embellished headdresses on.

Formerly AP2531.

For glass slides and plates see AA108/41/3.

433. 'AP2531 [AP2529 crossed out] KURDAITCHA'.
434. No annotation recorded.
434A. 'Kurdaitcha photograph. Left hand native same individual as figured in 'Native tribes of C.Aus" (Gillen) Fig. 97. p. 482. AP 2531'

'Left hand native same individual as figured in 'Native Tribes of C.A (Spencer & Gillen) p. 482, fig. 97'.

Photograph taken central Australia.

Tindale Tribes: Aranda.

AIATSIS Tribal/Language Groups: Arrernte.

CreatorFrancis James Gillen
ControlAA 108/50/1/3/433-434
Date Range1890  -  1902
Quantity   2   Print (b&w prints from slide).
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 108/50
Tindale Tribes: