Quabara Unjeamba of Urthipata


Group of men before ceremony. Several men are standing behind two men decorated from the waist up and wearing embellished headdresses.

No former AP number located but these men are the same men from (formerly) AP5904.

539. 'C Unjiamba [Unjeamba]. Men of 5904'.
540. No annotation recorded.
541. 'Men of 5904'.

Photograph taken central Australia.

Tindale Tribes: Aranda.

AIATSIS Tribal/Language Groups: Arrernte.

CreatorFrancis James Gillen
ControlAA 108/50/1/3/539-541
Date Range1890  -  1902
Quantity   3   Print (b&w print, 2 b&w prints from album).
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 108/50
Tindale Tribes: