Conclusion of sun ceremony


A group of men gathered around two seated decorated men. Another man is pressing an object into the stomach of a kneeling man. This 'object representing the sun being pressed against the stomach of men who witnessed the ceremony' (annotation on the album version of this photograph).

Formerly AP6293.

For mounted album photograph see AA108/6/1/2.

544. 'Atnitta Ulpalima touching stomach with sacred emblem after sun ceremony'.
545. '"Atnitta ulpalima" a.G. May/01 after sun quab. Touching stomachs of men with [illegible] used during the ceremony Sun Totem Arunta. Duplicate'.

Photograph taken central Australia.

Tindale Tribes: Aranda.

AIATSIS Tribal/Language Groups: Arrernte.

CreatorFrancis James Gillen
ControlAA 108/50/1/3/544-545
Date Range1890  -  1902
Quantity   2   Print (2 b&w prints).
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 108/50
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