Page ten. Mannum and vicinity.

  1. 3 photographs, 'Mannum and vicinity, Sept 18th 1927'

  2. Scarred tree 'Gum from which a food vessel has been cut by Aborigines. Mannum'

  3. 'A native rock shelter in the cliffs at Greenshields'

  4. 'A crevice (near the above shelter) in which the natives stored green twigs in order that they might dry for fire lightinhg. The locality is poorly furnished with endemic scrub. Other crevices were similarly used and in some cases closed in with piled up stones as shown in the photograph'

CreatorHale, Herbert Matthew
ControlAA 124/3/2/10
Date Range18 September, 1927  -  01 January, 1932
Quantity   3   photographs
FormatsMounted Photographic Prints
Series AA 124/03