Volume 3. Page four, Owieandana.

Previously accession No. 301

  1. 4 photographs

  2. Envelope annotated 'Acc No 301. (No neg). Hale and NB Tindale (See AA 338) photographs Owieandana Flinders Range.'

  3. Landscape. Frame for temporary Australian Aboriginal shelter. Annotated 'Owieandana frame of hut.'

  4. Closeup. Australian Aboriginal man standing at scarred tree. Annotated 'Hale.'

  5. Closeup. Australian Aboriginal man at tree marked 'T'. Annotated 'Hale.'

CreatorHale, Herbert Matthew
ControlAA 124/5/3/4/1-5
Quantity   4   Prints 62x87mm
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 124/05