Volume 3. Page five, Owieandana.

Previously Accession No. 30.

  1. 4 photographs

  2. Small SA Museum envelope marked 'Acc no 30. (No neg) Hale and NB Tindale (See AA 338) (Photographs) Owieandara Flinders Ranges.'

  3. Landscape. Shelter frame. Annotated 'Owieandara Flinders Ranges.'

  4. Closeup. Australian Aboriginal man and tree. Annotated 'Hale.'

  5. Closeup. Seated Australian Aboriginal man. Annotated 'Hale.'

CreatorHale, Herbert Matthew
ControlAA 124/5/3/5/1-5
Date Range1932  -  1932
Quantity   4   Prints 74x87mm
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 124/05