Untitled field notebook

Back cover reads "J.E. Johnson c/o Geosurveys".

This item is a shorthand notebook containing personal notes recorded by Johnson while he was conducting field work in 1956. Handwritten on the outside of the rear cover of the notebook is ‘JE Johnson, c/o Geosurveys’. The contents of the notebook consist of numerous entries under separate headings. Almost all of the entries are dated and initialled by Johnson. Most of the entries consist of geological and archaeological notes and illustrations recorded by Johnson at various sites, and they often feature highly detailed illustrations of artefacts found and statistical tables of the number of artefacts found at particular sites and their constituent materials. Some of the entries also describe and depict rock paintings and carvings encountered by Johnson during his field work. The entries and their page numbers are listed as follows:

  • Page 1 - ‘Note on Aboriginal campsite at Lightning Rocks, 10 miles NW of Fort Welcome Spring, Cavanagh Range, WA’. 21 April 1956.

  • Page 13 - ‘Notes on Aboriginal paintings, peckings and artefacts at Fort Welcome, Cavanagh Range, WA’. 30 April 1956.

  • Page 39 - ‘Geologic notes on volcanic flow rocks south of Blackstone Range, WA’. 3 May 1956.

  • Page 45 - ‘Note on artefacts from an ancient Aboriginal campsite, situated on the North side of a gneiss hill, 2 miles WNW of Mt Crombie, which is 24 miles south of Mt Caroline, in the southern Musgrave Range, SA’. 20 May 1956.

  • Page 65 - ‘Note on archaeological site situated on a dune near granite hills, 6 miles South of Mt Harriet, South of Musgrave Range, SA’. 20 May 1956.

  • Page 71 - ‘Notes on Aboriginal sacred place at Naryilkinna Rockhole. 19 May 1956.
    NB: This section contains material restricted to viewing by men only.

  • Page 75 - ‘Notes on Aboriginal artefacts from Giles Tank’. 30 May 1956.

  • Page 81 - ‘Split pebble chopper from South side of Bell Rock, WA, between Blackstone Range, WA, and Thompkinson Range, SA’. 10 June 1956.

  • Page 83 - ‘Aboriginal paintings from rock face at mouth of creek with soakages, 16 miles West of South Western Mining camp’. Undated.

  • Page 85 - ‘Notes on artefacts from previous locality 16 miles West of SW Mining camp in Blackstone Range, WA’. 8 July 1956.

  • Page 97 - ‘Notes on Mudukian sites and artefacts from the North Hinckley laterites, WA’. 7 August 1956.

  • Page 117 - ‘Further notes on the North Hinckley laterites’. 14 September 1955.

  • Page 119 - ‘Note on Aboriginal artefacts from Bundey Pass, 3 miles NE of Mount Davies, Tomkinson Range’. Undated.

  • Page 131 - ‘Notes on possible climate in Central Australia during Muduk times 2-300 years before present’. October 1956.
    NB: This section contains material restricted to viewing by men only.

  • Page 133 - ‘An archaelogical site, 2 miles SE of Sam’s Pass which is 4 miles West of Southwestern Mining camp, Blackstone Range, WA’. 2 November 1956.

  • Page 159 - ‘Note on an Aboriginal painting …near a rockhole at Barnard Rocks, South of Blackstone Range, WA’. 3 November 1956.

  • Page 160 - ‘Bi-faced hand chopper of Kartan cultural type, found isolated 4 miles North of Mount Holt, 25 miles North of Blackstone Range, WA’. 5 November 1956.

  • Page 161 - ‘Notes on carvings and artefacts from an Aboriginal archaeological site in the Murray Range, WA’. 28 November 1956.

  • Page 187 - ‘Note on an axe of fine grained green diabase from near Mount Moore, South of Bell Rock, WA’. 30 November 1956.

  • Page 189 - ‘Notes on karungaras’. Undated.
    NB: This section contains material restricted to viewing by men only.

The notebook also contains a contents page on the inside front cover listing locations visited by Johnson. The places described in the notebook appear to be mostly within Western Australia (WA) and South Australia (SA). Localities listed on the contents page include Lightning Rock (WA), Fort Welcome Spring (WA), Blackstone Range (WA), Skirmish Hill (WA), Mount Crombie (SA), Mount Harriet (SA), Nargilka Ceremonial site (SA), Giles Tank (SA), Hinckley Range (WA), Bundey Pass (SA), Sams Pass (WA), Barnard Rocks (WA), Mount Holt (WA), Murray Range (WA), and Mount Moore (WA).

Locations mentioned in the notebook but not listed on the contents page include Amy Giles Rocks (WA), Arkaroola (SA), Bell Rock (WA), Cavenagh Range (WA), Chambers Bluff (SA), Ernabella (SA), Everard Ranges (SA), Hogarth Wells (WA), Mann Ranges (SA), Mount Caroline (SA), Mount Davies (SA), Mulga Park (NT), Musgrave Ranges (SA), Naryilkinna Rockhole (SA), North Hinckley Range (WA), Oodnadatta (SA), Tomkinson Ranges (WA), Uno (SA), Warburton Range (WA), Weinna Hill (SA), Wingellina (WA).

The last three pages are commence from the last page inwards and appear to show map references and rough notes relating to Geological survey dating from 11 October to 3 November 1957.

Names mentioned in the notebook include Sam Warne (See SAMA 966), Frank Hann, JE Solomon, C Hazlett, H Domeyer, JE Carr, JS Connor, D Pegum, Ernest Giles, John Forrest, Norman Tindale (see AA 338), Ben Greenwood, Ian McLeod, Ernabella Mick, One Leg, and R Leake.

Some of the artefacts Johnson found during his field work were donated to the South Australian Museum (SAM). SAM specimen numbers recorded in this notebook include A49443, A49442, and A50251.

Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara.

CreatorJohnson, James Eric
ControlAA 159/1/3
Date Range21 April, 1956  -  28 November, 1956
Quantity 1.9cm,   1   shorthand notebook 12.5x20.5cm
Series AA159/1
Tindale Tribes: