Untitled field notebook

This item is a shorthand notebook containing personal notes recorded by Johnson while he was conducting field work in 1956 and 1957. Handwritten on the first page of the notebook is ‘Johnson, JE’. The contents of the notebook consist of numerous entries under separate headings. Almost all of the entries are dated and initialled by Johnson. Most of the entries consist of geological and archaeological notes and illustrations recorded by Johnson at various sites, and they often feature highly detailed illustrations of artefacts found and statistical tables of the number of artefacts found at particular sites and their constituent materials. Some of the entries also describe and depict rock paintings, carvings and fossil finds encountered by Johnson during his field work. The entries and their page numbers are listed as follows:

  • Page 1 - ‘Notes on an Aboriginal campsite 4 miles NE of Mount Gosse, WA’. 15 December 1956.

  • Page 25 - Itinerary and notes from a trip from Adelaide to Walparuta with Dennis Walter. 31 December 1956 - 7 February 1957.

  • Page 33 - ‘Geology of volcanic sequence of Skirmish Hill’. May 1957.

  • Page 35 - ‘Notes on archaeological site at Tollu camp, 9 miles South of Blackstone camp, WA’. 22 June 1957.

  • Page 53 - ‘Notes on archaeological site 6 miles West of Skirmish Hill’. 28 June 1957.

  • Page 67 - ‘Archaeological site 10 miles North of Skirmish Hill, WA’. 30 June 1957.

  • Page 83 - ‘Archaeological site 12 miles South-West of Tollu, WA’. 1 July 1957.

  • Page 89 - ‘Notes on Aboriginal burial on east bank of Rivery Murray, 1½ miles South of outskirts of Tailem Bend, SA’. 6 July 1957.
    NB: This section contains material restricted to men only.

  • Page 93 - ‘Note on a Kartan archaeological site on banks of Sundown Creek about 5 miles WNW along track from Beltana Station via Beltana, SA’. 11 July 1957.

  • Page 109 - ‘On Lower Cambrian Medusoids from Ediacara Mine (Spriggs Discovery)’. 14 July 1957.

  • Page 127 - ‘Archaelogical sites at Wingellina laterites, North of the Hinckley Range, WA’. 7 October 1957. [This item continues in notebook AA 159/1/5]

The last page of the notebook contains rough notes written in pencil about the geology of the Great Lakes in North America.

This notebook contains a contents page on the inside front cover of locations. The places described in the notebook appear to be mostly within Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW) and South Australia (SA). Localities listed include Mount Gosse (WA), Tollu (WA), Skirmish Hill (WA), Tailem Bend (SA), Beltana (SA), Ediacara Mines (SA), and Wingellina (WA).

Other locations mentioned in the notebook, but not listed on the contents page, include Billeroo (SA), Bimbowrie (SA), Blackstone (WA), Broken Hill (NSW), Cathedral Rock (SA), Crocker Well (SA), Danglemah (NSW), Ernabella (SA), Fort Welcome (WA), Glenarchy (WA), Hinckley Range (WA), Lookout Hill (SA), Mount Crombie (SA), Mount Davies (SA), Mount Hope (NSW), Mummawarrawarra Hill (WA), Murray River (SA), Olary (SA), Outalpa Springs (SA), Plumbago (SA), Sundown Creek (SA), Tamworth (NSW), Thackaringa (NSW), The Giants Den (NSW), Tietz Dam (SA), Walparuta (SA), Warburton Range (SA), Woman In White (SA).

Names mentioned in the notebook include Dennis Walter, Bill O'Neill, Ian McLeod, DR Walter, and RC Sprigg.

CreatorJohnson, James Eric
ControlAA 159/1/4
Date Range15 December, 1956  -  07 October, 1957
Quantity 1.9cm,   1   shorthand notebook, 12.5x20.5cm
Series AA159/1