Untitled field book

This item is a shorthand notebook containing notes written by Johnson while he was conducting field work in October and November, 1957. On the inside of the front cover is a brief handwritten table of contents, and handwritten on the first page of the notebook is ‘Johnson, JE’.

The single entry in the notebook is a continuation of notes taken by Johnson in the previous notebook (AA 159/1/5) at various archaeological sites around Wingellina, North of the Hinckley Range in Western Australia. The entry consists of notes describing stone artefacts found at the sites, and also features statistical tables and highly detailed illustrations. Only the first 52 pages of the notebook are used, with all other pages remaining blank.

CreatorJohnson, James Eric
ControlAA 159/1/5
Date Range07 October, 1957  -  16 November, 1957
Quantity 1.9cm,   1   shorthand notebook, 13x20cm
Series AA159/1