'July - 1958 - July 1960. Book 1. Johnson, J.E.'

This item is a ‘Twinplex Duplicate Book’ containing alternate blank and lined pages, with each lined page and the subsequent blank page for carbon copies sharing the same page number. Most of the blank pages have been left blank, however several have been used for sketches and illustrations. The notebook contains personal notes taken by Johnson while conducting fieldwork between 1958 and 1960. The notes consist of separate entries, mostly descriptions of archaeological sites with highly detailed illustrations of stone implements, and statistical tables showing the numbers of stone implements and their constituent materials at each site. Hand-drawn maps are provided for some sites. Some entries also contain descriptions and illustrations of rock art Johnson encountered at various sites during his field work. Most of the entries in the notebook are initialled, dated and titled. The separate entries are listed by page number as follows:

  • Page 1 - ‘Archaeological site in Hinckley Range, WA’. 20 July 1958.

  • Page 5 - ‘Archaeological site at Wannawarkunda Rockhole.’ 5 October 1958.

  • Page 6 - ‘Archaeological site 6 miles SE of Wannawarkunda Rockhole’. 5 January 1959.

  • Page 9 - ‘Notes on sporadic artifact finds from site Wingellina ‘B’. 29 October 1958.

  • Page 14 - ‘Notes on Aboriginal campsite on hill 8 miles south of Mount Gosse, WA’. 31 November 1958.

  • Page 15 - ‘The Wingellina Meteorite’. 2 December 1958.

  • Page 16 - ‘Notes on a collection of Australites made at or near Wingellina between July 12 and Dec 14, 1958’.

  • Page 24 - ‘Note on a group of Aboriginal placed stones near Horseshoe Bend’. 02 May 1959.

  • Page 25 - ‘Notes on Aboriginal paintings at Cave Hill on the NW of SA Aboriginal Reserve’. 31 May 1959.

  • Page 31 - ‘Geologic notes on reconnaissance from Kalgoorlie to Wingellina’. July 1959.

  • Page 42 - ‘University of WA, Nedlands - Copy of Palynological Report No. 47 by BE Balme’. 5 August 1959.

  • Page 43 - ‘Reconnaissance in George Gill Range, NT, from Henbury to Landers Manganese Prospect and Kadjunta Creek, NT, August 13-18 1959’. 3 September 1959.

  • Page 46 - ‘Note on Aboriginal manufactuary near Mount Eba, SA’. 7 September 1959.

  • Page 48 - ‘Notes on Centralian Aborigine pigment sources’. This entry includes small paper packets containing samples of four different ochres.

  • Page 50 - ‘Notes on some specimens of rocks associated with the Pitjantjatjara Geanticline’.

  • Page 52 - ‘Notes on a recon to the Rawlinson and Petermann Ranges, Oct 29 to Nov 2 1959’. 8 November 1959.

  • Page 55 - ‘Notes on an Aboriginal campsite 33 miles SE of Giles Meteorological Station, WA’. 9 November 1959.

  • Page 57 - ‘Notes on some tjungani from Cave Hill’. 24 November 1959.

  • Page 59 - ‘Notes on sporadic artifact finds about Wingellina’. Undated.

  • Page 61 - ‘Notes on artifacts from Horseshoe Bend Station, via Finke, NT’. 14 February 1960.

  • Page 63 - ‘Notes on some artifacts found on south side of George Gill Range, along banks of Petermann Creek, 50 miles west of Tempe Downs homestead, NT’. 14 February 1960.

  • Page 66 - ‘List of artifacts from Aboriginal campsite in dunes on banks of Hall’s Creek, Ophara Blacks Station (1949), SW of Broken Hill in County of Yankawinna, NSW, and about on road halfway between Cockburn, SA, and Egebek feldspar quarry, NSW’. 23 March 1960.

  • Page 68 - ‘Observations on a Kartan archaeological site at Bopeechee Railway Siding, 44 miles west of Marree, SA’. 21 June 1960.

  • Page 73 - ‘Note on an early Mudukian campsite in the Tomkinson Range, SA, Kunujulda’. 17 July 1960.

  • Page 78 - ‘Notes on Mudukian site at Nuridjara Soak in the Tomkinson Range, SA’. 17 July 1960.

  • Page 79 - ‘Note on Aboriginal campsite on Titu Creek, far NW of SA’. 17 July 1960.

  • Page 82 - ‘On the prehistory of Lake Wilson in the Mann Range, SA’. 21 July 1960.

  • Page 87 - ‘Notes on archaeological site Lake Wilson No. 1’. 21 July 1960.

  • Page 89 - ‘Notes on an archaeological site No. 2 at Lake Wilson’. 24 July 1960.

  • Page 93 - ‘Notes on archaeological site no. 3 at Lake Wilson, Mann Range, far NW of SA’. 23 July 1960.

  • Page 96 - ‘Notes on archaeological site no. 4, Lake Wilson, SA’. 24 July 1960.

On the inside back cover there appear to be brief geological survey notes referring to shafts, with map references.

Johnson has used the book's printed alphabetical index page at the beginning of the notebook to list locations he has written about. The localities listed in the index are in South Australia (SA), Northern Territory (NT), New South Wales (NSW) and Western Australia (WA). The locations listed on the index page are Andado (NT), Blackhill Creek (NT), Bopeechee Railway Station (SA), Cave Hill (SA), Eawa Ochre Quarry (NT), Mount Gosse (WA), George Gill Range (NT), Hinckley Range (WA), Hollis Creek (NSW), Horseshoe Bend (NT), Kunujulda Campsite (SA), Lake Wilson (SA), Mount Eba (SA), Nuridjara Soak (SA), Petermann Ranges (NT & WA), Pottoyu Hills (NT), Skirmish Hill (WA), Tempe Downs (NT), Tollu (WA), Warburton Range (SA & WA) and Wingellina (WA).

A number of locations that are not listed on the contents page are mentioned in the notebook. These include Bagot Springs (NT), Cavenagh Range (WA), Cosmo Newbery (WA), Crown Point (NT), Cunninghams Gorge (NT), Dean Range (NT), Erlywanjawanja [Aliwanyiwanyinya] Rockhole (SA), Ernabella (SA), Finke (NT), Finniss Springs (SA), Giles Meteorological Station (WA), Giles Tank (SA), Gosse Pile (SA), Hermit Hill (SA), Hocking Range (WA), Kathleen Range (WA), Kings Creek (NT), Laverton (WA), Lightning Rock (WA), Linden (WA), MacDougall Bluff (WA), Malcolms Bore (NT), Michael Hills (SA), Mount Davies (SA), Mount Dutton (SA), Mount Fanny (WA), Mount Herbert (WA), Mount Kingston (NT), Mount Margaret (WA), Mount Squires (WA), Mount Weir (WA), Mulga Park (NT), Mungadidja Soak (SA), Murin Murin (WA), Musgrave Ranges (SA), Petermann Creek (NT), Polly Springs (NT), Putaputa (SA), Rawlinson Range (WA), Schwerin Mural Crescent (WA), Strangways Springs (SA), Tarcoola (SA), Teizi Soak (SA), Titu Creek (SA), Townsend Ridges (WA), Wannawarkunda Rockhole (WA), William Creek (SA), Winburn Rocks (WA).

Names mentioned in the notebook include SR Mitchell, George Baker, Tom Dodd, and Peter Njaningu.

Some of the artefacts Johnson found during his field work were donated to the South Australian Museum (SAM). SAM specimen numbers recorded in this notebook include A53398 and A53396.

Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara.

CreatorJohnson, James Eric
ControlAA 159/1/6
Date Range01 July, 1958  -  01 July, 1960
Quantity 1.9cm,   1   notebook, 19.5x24.5cm
Series AA159/1
Tindale Tribes: