'Meteorites on Front Land.'

This item is a ‘Glamis Reporter’s Note Book’ with ‘meteorites on front land’ handwritten on the front cover. The contents of this notebook are organised differently to those of the previously listed notebooks. The note are rougher, the notebook has been used from both ends, and there are no indexes or ordered page number system. It appears to come from the period when Johnson was retired from paid work. The subjects discussed in this notebook are meteorites, minerals and phosphates, and Reaphook Hill, South Australia (SA).

Pages 1-30 contain Johnson's notes on Reaphook Hill, South Australia (SA), in black ink. He describes the chronology of events from 1966-1977 (with the heaviest concentration of activity in 1972) of a geological survey, and includes illustrations of the geological characteristics of the area.

Pages 32-3 contain notes on the Black Point (SA) meteorite.

Pages 36-55 discusses the Wirrabarra [Wirrabara] (SA) meteorite, which fell on 13 February 1980. Accounts of the meteorite event by various eyewitnesses are recorded. The eyewitness accounts are numbered B1- B14, with four further unnumbered accounts noted.

Seven pages in the centre of the notebook contain notes written about a trip to Paratoo Station (SA), Olary (SA), Arkaroola (SA), Mount Chambers (SA), Wilkawillina Gorge (SA), Oraparinna (SA), and Peterborough (SA) between 5 December 1980 and 19 December 1980.

'Syringocnema Pycinoidocyanthus' is handwritten on the outside back cover of the notebook and page numbering commences from the last page inwards. The inside back cover contains a list of minerals under the heading 'George Frost', dated January to April 1973. Pages numbered 2 to 48 contain notes made in relation to meteorites, australites, phosphates, and minerals.

The central section contains blank pages, and the notebook is badly watermarked.

A number of locations are mentioned in the notebook, often as sources of mineral samples. They include Angaston (SA), Boolka (SA), Broken Hill (NSW), Burra (SA), Cockburn (SA), Collingwood (Vic), Comet Vale (WA), Dawesley (SA), Dome Rock (SA), Fairview (SA), Iron Monarch Mine (SA), Kapunda (SA), Kuitpo (SA), McLaren Vale (SA), Middleback Range (SA), Moculta (SA), Moline (NT), Moraby (Qld), Mount Billy Creek (SA), Musgrave Ranges (SA), Myponga (SA), Noarlunga (SA), Orroroo (SA), Pangora (SA), Parachilna (SA), Poonana (SA), Port Clinton (SA), Robertstown (SA), Rowland Flat (SA), Wilkawillina Gorge (SA), Willunga (SA).

A number of names are also mentioned in the notebook, mostly of participants in a geological survey, eyewitnesses to a meteorite event, and authors of cited works. They include Russ Abbey, FA Bannister, H Bennett, HL Brown, IF Bull, Albert Chapman, Robin Eden, Angela Ferdinandy, Mike Fitzgerald, WT Gill, WK Harris, JC Harrison, MH Hey, Rod Hill, KP Hillary, John Hoffman, RL Jack, Margaret Jeffery, RK Johns, Chris Johnston, Anthony Kampf, Michael Larrett, JD Lockwood, Trevor Longmier, John McAndrew, Dan McCall, Robert McDonald, Rob McEvoy, Peter Middleton, Andrew Mugge, JG Oliver, Gwenda Quinn, JA Reed, SW Roe, Ron Rooney, Ralph Seguit, Jerry Smith, Mary Smith, LJ Spencer, Brian Stapleton, PB Tavender, and Dr Ian Thredgold.

CreatorJohnson, James Eric
ControlAA 159/1/9
Date Range23 November, 1966  -  01 January, 1980
Quantity 1.9cm,   1   notebook, 12.5x20cm
Series AA159/1