Documents relating to Johnson's personal finances.

Archive Collections / Johnson, James Eric / Series AA159/3 / Documents relating to Johnson's personal finances.

This item contains the following documents:

Documents relating to United Motors (Holding) Limited.

  1. Contract Note from Donald F Young & Son for the purchase of 200 United Motors (Holdings) Limited shares, dated 8 September 1961.

  2. Share Certificate issued by United Motors (Holdings) Limited on 2 November 1961, certifying James Johnson as the holder of 200 shares.

  3. Memorandum from United Motors (Holdings) Limited to shareholders offering fixed term deposit facilities. Attached is a deposit application form. Undated.

  4. Receipt for dividend payment of $36.00 on 200 shares of United Motors (Holdings) Limited, dated 4 December 1981.

Documents relating to Young, McCulloch, McLachlan & Co. stockbrokers.
  1. One page letter, dated 22 December 1964, advising James Johnson of the merger between stockbrokers Donald F Young & Son and McCulloch, McLachlan & Co. to form Young, McCulloch & McLachlan & Co.

  2. One page newsletter issued by Young, McCulloch, McLachlan & Co. stockbrokers on 24 April 1967, advising of improvements in the Australian economy and listing recommended investments.

Documents relating to North Flinders Mines NL.
  1. Prospectus of an issue of shares for North Flinders Mines NL, dated 17 June 1969. Sixteen pages.

  2. Share certificates issued by North Flinders Mines NL on 11 August 1969. There are fifteen certificates, each certifying James Johnson as the holder of 100 shares.

Department of Social Security
    CreatorJohnson, James Eric
    ControlAA 159/3/1
    Date Range08 September, 1961  -  04 December, 1981
    Quantity 2.25cm,   9   notes, share certificates, papers, receipt, prospectus, newsletter
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    Series AA159/3