This series includes a Dieri vocabulary handwritten in pencil on paper slips of varying sizes. Words in English are in the top left hand corner of the slips; words in Dieri in the bottom right hand corner.

The vocabulary was compiled before 1884 by Rev. CA Meyer, a minister and teacher at Killalpaninna Lutheran Mission, Cooper's Creek, South Australia. It was transcribed in January 1934 by T Vogelsang (see AA 351) from a manuscript containing Meyer's vocabulary which was lent to the South Australian Museum by FX Martin (see AA 207).The vocabulary was missing all those words beginning with the letter 'U' and some of those beginning with the letter 'P'.

Any original order for this vocabulary has been lost. Note that the current alphabetical order is rough, by English word, and does not necessarily reflect any original order. Queries are stored before 'A'.

Note also that information about this vocabulary and a pronunciation guide is in AA 207 FX Martin Collection, Series 1.

Note that there is another version of this vocabulary on index cards with annotations by T Vogelsang, and some additional annotations by Norman Barnett Tindale (see AA 338), arranged in alphabetical order by Dieri word and stored in a drawer marked 'Dieri South Australia Meier 1882' in the NB Tindale Collection: AA 338/7/2/7.

This item contains references to the following region of South Australia: North East.

This series includes reference to the following named group: Dieri.

Corresponding Tindale Tribes: Dieri.

Corresponding AIATSIS Language Groups: Dieri.

CreatorRev. Carl August Meyer
ControlAA 215/1
Date Range1884  -  1884
Quantity 10cm,   1   box containing approximately 800 slips of paper
Series AA215/01
Tindale Tribes: