Letters to CW Giffen

This sub-series consists of 12 letters written by Daisy Bates between 1912 and 1918 to CW Giffen in Adelaide, while she was camping in the Yalata area. These letters provide some information on the Aboriginal people of Fowlers Bay and the Nullarbor Plain and their mythology and rituals, subsistence techniques, trade and material culture. There are references to sites such as Wirilya (Wirilia), Yuria (Euria), Kooringabbie, Jeegala, Yalata, Yooldia (Ooldea), Ilgamba (Head of Bight), Winbera (Wynbring) and Boundary Dam, and accounts of the 'travelling corroborees' known as the Wanji-wanji and Molonglo which passed through the Fowlers Bay area while Bates was living there. Bates' letters also include detailed descriptions of the Aboriginal weapons, utensils and ceremonial objects that she was occasionally sending to Giffen. The letters also include references to Aboriginal people visiting Ooldea from the Musgrave and Everard Ranges in north-west South Australia, and Daisy's reminiscences of Aboriginal people she had worked with earlier in Western Australia, particularly the Kimberley and Perth regions.

These items include references to the following regions of South Australia: Nullarbor - Great Victoria Desert; North West.

This series includes references to: Western Australia; Northern Territory.

CreatorDaisy May Bates
ControlAA 23/1/1/1-13
Date Range1912  -  1918
Quantity 1cm,     Filed in archive folder with AA 23/1/1-4
FormatsGeneral Correspondence
Series AA23/01
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