List of kinship terms by Tindale

This item is a 2 page handwritten in black ink comparative list of kinship terms for the: Jantruwanta, Dieri, Kujani, Wadikali, Wongkanguru, Ngameni and Arabana. A npte by Tindale reads: 'Dieri of Reuther added 15.3.35'.

Tindale Tribes: Arabana; Dieri; Jandruwanta; Kujani; Ngameni; Wadikali; Wongkanguru.

CreatorRev. Johann Georg Reuther
ControlAA 266/12/5/1-2
Date Range01 August, 1934  -  15 March, 1935
Quantity 0.1cm,   2   34.0cm x 43.0cm sheets
Series AA266/12