'Photographs cut from uncited publication and mounted 2 per sheet 12 November 1915.'

Archive Collections / Sir Edward Charles Stirling / Series AA 309/01 / 'Photographs cut from uncited publication and mounted 2 per sheet 12 November 1915.'
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  1. Sheet Re XXVII seashore, seashore with huts and boats

  2. Sheet Re XXIX group photograph New Guinea natives, group photoraph New Guinea natives

  3. Sheet Re XXX group photograph New Guinea natives, group photograph New Guinea natives

  4. Sheet Re XXXI seated women winnowing seed, seated man making artifact;

  5. Sheet Re XXXII banana tree, 2 seated New Guinea natives

  6. Sheet Re XXXIII man with leafy stick, several native people making mats

  7. Sheet Re XXXIV native people on boat, native people on boat

  8. Sheet Re XXXV boat sailing between two islands, boat in village

  9. Sheet Re XXXVI beached outrigger canoe, several outriggers on beach

  10. Sheet Re XXXV III eight native women in grass skirts, three native women with children

  11. Sheet Re XXXII group photograph boys with toy outrigger canoes, boys with outrigger canoes

  12. Sheet Re XL group photograph 5 decorated men, full frontal native woman in grass skirt

  13. Sheet Re XXXIX man with large gord in village street, group photograph men cooking in village street

  14. Sheet Re XLII view of native housing, view of native housing

  15. Sheet Re XLI family on verandah, group photograph village women in front of longhouse

  16. Sheet Re XLIII large outrigger canoe on beach, large outrigger in front of several buildings

  17. Sheet Re XXVIII group photograph natives in village, group photograph seated villagers and pig in foreground

CreatorSir Edward Charles Stirling
ControlAA 309/1/327
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 309/01