'Journal of a visit to Iceland in 1870 by EC Stirling vol. 1'

Archive Collections / Sir Edward Charles Stirling / Series AA 309/04 / 'Journal of a visit to Iceland in 1870 by EC Stirling vol. 1'

Cambridge to Knapparillir Iceland via Edinburgh. 6 June to 15 July 1870. At the back: Log of distances ridden, List of birds shot by the party, Bird notes, Log of weather in Iceland 18 June to 15 July 1870.


  • Kolter sketch from beyond Kirkuboe
  • The last of the Faroes. Rounding the SW Icelands from Thorshaven through Skeeper Fjoord
  • Entering Seydisfjoord
  • Looking outwards from the Fjoord. Looking inwards on entering Seydisfjoord
  • 'Thomas Ron's' Sealer. The wrecked steamer in the Fjoord
  • Enlarged view of the top of the turrent shaped hill seen in entering the Fjoord
  • Portland Pt showing rock archway seen indistinctly thru the fog
  • Portland Pt showing the needles
  • Malsack
  • Karlsrock
  • Cape Reykjanes
  • Karlsrock
  • Reyjanes
  • Icelander headress on my shirt cuff
  • Menyanthy tufoliata
  • Fall of the Oxara Thinralla
  • Hot springs at Langaratn
  • Steathly during the night
  • The Great Geyser
  • Strokr
  • Strpkr erupting 25 June 1870
  • Views from The Great Geyser basin
  • Brandy flask
  • Church at Storinupr
  • Farm house Naferholt
  • The two pyramids at Reakj of Eyaffalla
  • Note line of peaks from the top of Hekler
  • Crater of Hekler
  • Harlequin duck
  • Hekler from Reldur
  • Eyaljalla from Beymd Holt
  • Unidentified cliff face
  • CreatorSir Edward Charles Stirling
    ControlAA 309/4/3-1
    Date Range1870  -  1870
    Series AA 309/04