'Journal of a visit to Iceland in 1870 by EC Stirling vol. 2'

Archive Collections / Sir Edward Charles Stirling / Series AA 309/04 / 'Journal of a visit to Iceland in 1870 by EC Stirling vol. 2'

Knapparillir to Reykjavik Iceland 16 July to 21 August 1870. Also on first eleven sheets journal of a side excursion from Buland to Fiskvin 8-10 July 1870 (Note that June is given instead of July)


  • Efra Fussuastn
  • Skabavatn
  • Bruderatn
  • Djupiragr town with Bulandstinds + ther Berufy ndr. Djupivogr town with Bulandstandr + the Berufjoord
  • Horse harness and saddle bags
  • Unidentified waerfall with bridge or fence
  • Herdubreid from Mortrudalr
  • Mortrudalr
  • Hertubrsid from the Tokulie
  • Loose leaf "Bought skin of Lapwing Plover, only seen once or twice in Iceland
  • Dettifros from above the full throwing end of chasm
  • Wind mill at Reykjahlidt and Church
  • Govafoss near Lyosratn
  • The largest tree in Iceland Akinsyre
  • Dange oxuadalr
  • Mouth of cave Surtsheller taken from 1/2 way down the 'put'
  • Reynerellir Church
  • Syull pyrill
  • Baula fra' Langhath, Eldberg
  • A plant Luorralang Snorros Tul
  • A water hole or pool
  • Eyriks Iokull
  • Skjaldbrid from Thingvalla Lake
  • Rock fall
  • Nicholan's Leap
  • Aerial view
  • Our house at Reykjarik
  • Encampment at the Fishlakes Scleru from NTE's sketch
  • CreatorSir Edward Charles Stirling
    ControlAA 309/4/3-2
    Date Range1870  -  1870
    Series AA 309/04