'Excavations at Lake Callabonna 1893.'

Previously accession number 220

  1. 155x115 mm envelope annotated 'Excavations at Lake Callabonna 1893. Duplicates of ES Booth's negative BL 251'

  2. 155x115 mm camel train annotated '2. party with loaded camels leaving Bruces Hotel Farina for Lake Callabonna "buckboard" buggy. BL 233'

  3. 155x115 mm bones annotated '3. Refer BL 236/No 7 ? Same two men. BL 253'

  4. 155x115 mm bones annotated '5. diprotodon skeleton partially excavated. Beyond it is the flat surface of the lake. The bushes are samphire (Salicornia). Annotated 'Stirling. BL 246'

  5. 155x115 mm bones annotated '6. ? Another view of 252. BL 251'

  6. 155x115 mm bones annotated '7. ? 2nd view of 251. BL 252'

  7. 155x115 mm landscape annotated '11. The camp at Lake Callabonna looking south east. BL 239'

  8. 155x115 mm camels annotated '12. ? Afghan standing by head. BL 238'

  9. 155x115 mm bones annotated '13. diprotodon in situ alternate view to 248. BL 247'

  10. 155x115 mm camels annotated '13. camels bringing in firewood to camp. 1. this photo appears in the Ragless family album: the caption reads "Camp of Mr Henry Hurst on diprotodon fossil field, camels carrying wood 1893". Two other prints on the same page are new to this set. "(2) Afghan hawkers at diprotodon fossil field Lake Callabonna 1893' shows huge cases 2 to animal. (3) general view of Lake Callabonna the camel express 1893" shows one loaded camel and driver. BL 234'

  11. 155x115 mm camels annotated '14. Buckboard buggy with camel team. BL 237'

  12. 155x115 mm camels annotated '15. the camels bringing in water to the camp. Refer BL 253 ? Same two men. BL 236'

  13. 155x115 mm bones annotated '18. diprotodon skeleton partially excavated. Mem Roy Soc S Aust Vol 1 pt 2, 1960, plate A fig 3. BL 256'

  14. 155x115 mm landscape annotated '2/21 view of Lake Callabonna looking NW. taken from the top of the sandhill below which the camp was pitched. The small figure (1) near the left hand margin marks a place in a dry water course where many of the bones were found. Others were found between this and the sandhills of which the tops appear in the foreground. BL 259 (Copy of No 2 of mounted set at SA Museum)'

  15. 155x115 mm bones annotated '20. surface skeleton. The view is taken from the Lake bed and looks west towards the clump of sandhills. The camp is at their foot more to the right than is shown in the photograph. Mem Roy Soc S Aust Vol 1 pt 2 1900 plate A fig 2. BL 249

CreatorSir Edward Charles Stirling
ControlAA 309/5/2/19/1-15
Date Range1891  -  1891
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 309/05