'Correspondence and photographs.'

Previously accession number 220

  1. Correspondence on State Library of SA letterhead from J Love to G Pretty (AA 255) dated 30 September 1975 relating to photographs sent by Gordon Grimwade to the Adelaide Chronicle by Mary Broughton. Postit note suggests the photographs were sent from FJ Gillen (AA 198) to Prof. Stirling in 1907.

  2. Correspondence on Chronicle letterhead from Mary Broughton to the Archivist dated 24 September 1975 relating to the photographs

  3. A4 flimsy typescript title page "Adelaide's ancient art galleries" by Gordon Grimwade. Approx 2020 words. G Grimwade, Cobbadah, One Tree Hill, SA 5114"

  4. 210x160 mm photograph of cave annotated "Ifould's shelter was discovered in 1902, by the late Mr Percy Ifould (died 1967). It was the first of five similar shelters to be found along the South Para River banks"

  5. 210x160 mm photograph of cave annotated "Martin's shelter was found in 1965 by Miss Margaret Martin who is seen here sitting beneath the two paintings the shelter contains"

CreatorSir Edward Charles Stirling
ControlAA 309/5/2/7/1-5
Date Range1902  -  1975
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 309/05