'Innaminka' reverse '? Wannamuchoo AP 6809.'

Previously accession number 220

  1. 95x130 mm photograph mounted on green board.

  2. 100x143 mm sepia. Reverse marked 'Wannamuchoo from Innaminka NA. Tried before His Honor the Chief Justice, Feb session SC Adelaide 1893 for murder and sent to Lunatic Asylem. His Honor's remarks re dealing with uncivilised people see SA Police Gazette 8 March 1893. 6809'. Another copy marked 'Wanamuchoo 6809'

  3. 100x93 mm sepia in circle, Australian Aboriginal man holding axe to left shoulder. Reverse marked 'Wannamuchoo from Innimincka NA tried for murder SC Adelaide Feby sessions 1893. Sent to lunatic Asylem.' Bearing stamp "Detective WT Lingwood Smith" (AA 295). Another copy marked 'Wanamuchoo 6808'

  4. 165x105 mm sepia Australian Aboriginal man on board. Reverse marked 'Police can give particulars. Tried for murder 6809. Another copy marked '6808'

CreatorSir Edward Charles Stirling
ControlAA 309/5/2/9/1-4
Date Range1891  -  1893
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA 309/05