'Obverse of A5 sheet.'

A 1907 large Nardoo stone, Booloomatta. A 2187 Grave stone Booloomatta. A 2363 Bimbawrie pitchi EC Stirling. A 1909 Ground axe unshafted Booloomatta. A 2188 Native mill and hand stone Bimbawrie Hill. A 2421 Hand stone Booloomatta. A 2746 Cylinder conical stone Booloomatta. A 3142 Sticks found in ground Booloomatta EC Stirling. A 4366 Ground axe unshafted Bimbawrie. A 5417 Boomerang Booloomatta. A 6040 A piece of quartz used in rain making Booloomatta. Some are illustrated

CreatorSir Edward Charles Stirling
ControlAA 309/8/6
Date Range1914  -  1914
FormatsDrawings, Diagrams
Series AA 309/08