'Journal of Anthropological Researches on Kangaroo Island, S. Australia by Norman B. Tindale. 1930-1974 and additions'. Adelaide, South Australia.'

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/01 / 'Journal of Anthropological Researches on Kangaroo Island, S. Australia by Norman B. Tindale. 1930-1974 and additions'. Adelaide, South Australia.'

This volume contains a compilation of original and copied data relating to Kangaroo Island's Aboriginal occupation. A contents list introduces the volume, a detailed index is at pages 233-245 and pages186-231 are blank. An exercise book recording 'Notes on the Fossils found at Rocky River, Kangaroo Island, 1934' has been attached to the back cover. These are rough notes relating to pages 97-115.

This journal includes the following:

  • 'Aboriginal Occupation of Kangaroo Island' including newspaper clippings dated 1930 and 1931, hand-drawn maps, two 1915 Arthur Wade printed maps, black and white photographs, journal entries for a visit dated 13-22 December 1930, a 1927 reprint entitled 'The Fauna of Kangaroo Island, South Australia' by Edgar Waite (see AA 356) and Frederic Wood Jones (see AA 379), (pages 1-33)

  • Newspaper clipping dated 1931 by Trooper Dan on revenge by an Aboriginal girl, (pages 34-36)

  • Unpublished notes includes carbon copies of correspondence regarding Mary Seymour and her genealogy, 1894, c.1914, (pages 37-41)

  • Geneaolgy of Kangaroo Island family and photograph of Edward Boco (pages 42-43)

  • Trip to Kangaroo Island 1930-1932, (pages 45-59)

  • Newspaper clipping on the Kangaroo Island Emu, 1926 (page 60)

  • Newspaper clipping on Webb's reference to 'Nurunderi', 1932 (page 60)

  • Newspaper clippings on the 'last of the Tasmanians', 1925 and 1932 (pages 61-66)

  • Newspaper clipping on early South Australian history, 1925 and 1933 (pages 68-71)

  • 'Aboriginal account of Kangaroo Island' and notes, 1932 (pages 72-75)

  • 'Visit to Kangaroo Island, 1-10 December 1934', including newspaper clippings, 1934 and 1948, and a 'List of Bones received - Diprotodon and other material excavated on Rocky River, Kangaroo Island, 1934, by NB Tindale, Frank John Fenner (see AA 91), and FJ Hall, also some earlier material collected on same site by CJ May and by F Wood-Jones', 1935 (pages 77-115)

  • 'Notes on Kangaroo Islanders in Leigh 1939', including a photograph (pages 116-124)

  • 'Notes and 1912 Herbert Basedow [see AA 22] photograph of Mary Seymour' (pages 124-125)

  • 'Reprint of FJ Hall's 'Kangaroo Island - the problem', 1932' (pages 126-127)

  • 'Trip with Hallam L Movius to Kangaroo Island March 1936' including photograph, Joseph Simpson and Milerum notes taken by Tindale, Mary Seymour geneaology, photographs of Joseph Seymour and newspaper clipping on 'Discoveries on Kangaroo Island - Unique Native Basket for the Museum' (pages 130-134)

  • 'Notes from Bull - 'Colonial Life in South Australia', 1878' (page 134)

  • 'Notes on early settlers in South Australia' (pages 135-138)

  • 'Microliths from Kangaroo Island, 1940' and odd notes (pages 139-140)

  • 'Notes on Whalley and Abyssinian from Mrs Marjory Rose Casson [see AA 55], 1957' (pages 141-142)

  • 'Notes and newspaper clipping relating to Major Harry and Dr Joy Seager, 1960' (page 143)

  • 'Newspaper clipping relating to 'Aboriginal relics on KI in danger', 1970' (page 144) and photograph (page 148)

  • 'Notes, 1960' (page 145)

  • 'Finlayson's [see AA 93] Campsite identification, 1936' (page 146)

  • Reprint of RJ Lampert's 'A Carbon Date for the Aboriginal Occupation of Kangaroo Island, South Australia, 1972' (page 147)

  • 'Correspondence relating to the last of the Tasmaninas on Kangaroo Island, 1937' (pages 148-152)

  • Copy of Thomas Dunbabin's 'Buccaneers of Bass Strait', 1924 (page 153)

  • Copy of 'Bushrangers and Blacks - Stories of old Pittwater' (pages 155-160)

  • Copy of Tindale's 'Tasmanian Natives on Kangaroo Island' and related copies of newspaper clippings and correspondence, 1884, 1932 & 1975 (pages 161-176)

  • 'HM Cooper's [see AA 64] dimensions and weights of Kangaroo Island chopping tools' 1937 (pages 178-185)

  • Index (pages 233-245)

  • Supplementary sketches and diagrams (pages 247-270)

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/32
Date Range1930  -  1974
Quantity 4.5cm,   1   contact covered exercise book, 20.8x25.8cm, 277 pages with 14 inserts and 1 loose item
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, General Correspondence, Maps, Loose Photographic Prints, Loose Notes, Indexes
Series AA338/01