'Expedition G. Expedition to Cockatoo Creek, Central Australia. August 6-27, 1931. Journal and field notes by Norman B. Tindale. 1931'.

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/01 / 'Expedition G. Expedition to Cockatoo Creek, Central Australia. August 6-27, 1931. Journal and field notes by Norman B. Tindale. 1931'.
Board for Anthropological Research Expedition G

The volume has been divided by Tindale with cut-out 'thumb' divisions, as follows: pages 1-106, journal and field-notes; pages 102-121, blank; pages 122-135, headed 'music' (field-notes relating to gramophone recordings of songs); pages 136-183, blank; pages 184-221, headed 'Vocabularies as gathered through Aranda helpers'; pages 222-280, blank; pages 281-284, headed 'string figs etc' (string games); pages 285-317, blank; pages 318-323, pencilled notes. The journal includes a contents page but no index.

This journal includes the following:

  • Anmatjera (approximately 100 words), Ilpirra (Walpiri, approximately 130 words), Ngalia (8 words), Aranda (approximately 50 words) and Luritja (Kukatja, approximately 17 words) vocabularies

  • newspaper clippings

  • correspondence

  • hand-drawn and printed maps

  • reprint of Sir John Burton Cleland's (see AA 60) 'Anthropological Expedition to Central Australia'

  • photocopy of Cockatoo Creek No. 45's (Pari paru, G 45) travels extracted from the Mount Liebig journal (includes 331 place names)

  • botanical samples, pages 85, 206

  • list of blood groupings

  • diagrams

  • photographs

  • a rubbing

  • a fragile and creased fold-out geological 'panorama' of the Cockatoo Creek region, sketched by Tindale in pen and pencil in the front endpaper

An envelope attached to page 218 contains the following 'Loose papers associated with this journal':
  • two newspaper clippings

  • account of the expedition published in the 'Medical Journal of Australia', 19 December 1931 (two copies)

  • letter from Dr John Prescott to Dr Thomas Draper Campbell (see AA 52) dated 22 February 1932

  • A list of 'Aranda Alice Spring Variations' (language terms) collected by Ernest Kramer (see AA 640)

  • A three-page letter to Cleland, and a one-page letter to Tindale, by Charles Chewings (see AA 59), regarding Aranda language and Cockatoo Creek vicinity geology, dated July 1931

  • Small printed map of Australia with pencilled phrase in Aboriginal language

  • Folded sheet with pencilled notes regardng song, diagrams of camp layout, etc.

The expedition party included Prof. John Burton Cleland (blood grouping and botany), Prof. Thomas Harvey Johnston (blood grouping and parasitology, see AA 161), Prof. Herbert John Wilkinson (dermatoglyphs and profiles, see AA 370), Prof. Cedric Stanton Hicks (physiology), Dr Henry Kenneth Fry (psychology, see AA 105), Dr Thomas Draper Campbell (dental anatomy and physical anthropology), Dr RF Matters (physiology), Dr Robert Henry Pulleine (visual tests, see AA 259), Mr James Hugo Gray (physical anthropology and hair tract, see AA 111), Mr Herbert Mathew Hale (plaster casts and zoology, see AA 124), Mr EO Stocker (photography and cinematography, see AA 311), Mr Alan L Rau (geology and general assistant) and Norman Barnett Tindale (ethnography, face casts and photography).

Tindale Tribes: Anmatjera; Aranda; Kukatja (NT); Ngalia; Walpiri.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/7
Date Range06 August, 1931  -  27 August, 1931
Quantity 2.5cm,   1   hardcover exercise book, 20.5x25.5 cm, 328 pages, 4 inserts and 11 loose items
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, General Correspondence, Maps, Loose Photographic Prints, Photocopied Documents, Drawings, Sketches, Loose Notes, Tables of data
Series AA338/01