'Expedition H. Journal of an Expedition to Mt. Liebig, Central Australia to do Anthropological Research by Norman B. Tindale. Adelaide 1932'.

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/01 / 'Expedition H. Journal of an Expedition to Mt. Liebig, Central Australia to do Anthropological Research by Norman B. Tindale. Adelaide 1932'.
Board for Anthropological Research Expedition H

In this journal page numbers 100 and 186 have been omitted. Pages 164-173, 194-225 and 238-274 are blank. The journal includes a 49-page index and a contents page.

Journal entries date 4-25 August 1932 and are preceded by the following 'Background Information':

  • Tindale's transcription of William Christie Gosse's account of the region published in South Australian Parliamentary Paper, 1874, No. 48, page 5 (pages 3-8)

  • notes from Ernest Giles' Australia Twice Traversed (pages 8-9)

  • handwritten notes regarding 'Initiation of an Aranda Boy' from Miss Muriel Stott of Alice Springs (pages 9-18)

This journal includes the following:
  • a photocopy of Gosse's map dated 1873

  • newspaper clippings and notes from the 1980s

  • hand-drawn maps and diagrams

  • sketches of rock art and artefacts

  • notes on wax cylinder song recordings

  • Tindale's typed report on the expedition is pasted in at pages 101-103, completing the expedition narrative

  • 'Song Records' (pages 105-113), containing Ngalia and Pintupi songs, is followed by an annotated listing of 331 places visited by the individual known as 'Cockatoo Creek no. 45' (Pari paru, G 45) between August 1931 and August 1932. This listing is pasted onto the even-numbered pages from pages 114-125, 127, 130 and 134-135. A subsequent transcription of this data, with fuller notes and diagrams, appears on pages 229-237 and 343-345. The original place name data, written on both sides of five 'sociological data' cards, together with the original directional data for these place names (on two folded sheets), is inserted within a yellow pocket pasted in at the back of the journal

  • 'Story of the Mallotumma of Mandadi' in Luritja, pages 82-83

  • pages 175-179 contain Tindale's interlinear text of the 'Story of the Alknaringja', with a note on same on page 180; and the interlinear text of the Pintupi story of 'Nana Nana Watju' follows from pages 181-191

  • sketches by Dr Henry Kenneth Fry (see AA 105)

  • correspondence

  • vocabularies are found at pages 275-279, and include Pintupi (approximately 55 words), Ngalia (approximately 19 words), Kukatja (7) and Jumu (1)

  • brief notes on sign language are found at page 276

  • pencil sketches of 'Maurice', 'Apollo', an unnamed Aboriginal man and NB Tindale wearing a beret, by Fry, are pasted onto pages 283-285

  • a sketch of Fry reading Freud is pasted onto page 286

  • pages 287-341 contain 'Press Data' (news clippings relating to the expedition). A further clipping and a telegram from Charles Chewings (see AA 59) wishing Tindale 'success in my old beat' are pasted onto pages 372-373.

  • At the back of the volume are two sheets: one a coloured and hand-drawn 'Draft of Map to illustrate Geology of Northern MacDonnell Ranges', by Tindale; the other a typed copy of 'Work of Hale (see AA 124) and Tindale during proposed expedition to Central Ausralia, 1932'

  • 'Supplementary Data' on pages 346-349 consists of newspaper clippings regarding 'The Strehlow Saga', 1981, with Tindale's note referring to his 'Canberra and California Journal', Vol.7, pages 315-317

The expedition party included Prof. John Burton Cleland (expedition leader, food studies, blood testing and Board Chair, see AA 60), Mr EO Stocker (cinematography, see AA 311), Prof. Thomas Harvey Johnston (food studies and blood testing, see AA 161), Dr Henry Kenneth Fry (psychological testing and social organisation), Dr Thomas Draper Campbell (phonograph recording, see AA 52), Prof. Cedric Stanton Hicks (oxygen tests for physicological data), Mr Herbert Mathew Hale (Director, South Australian Museum, plaster casts, photography and phonograph recording), Mr Edward Wheewall Holden (Chair of Directors of Holden's General Motors, meteorologist), Dr James Hugo Gray (physical anthropology, see AA 111), Mr Theodor George Henry Strehlow (University of Adelaide research student, interpreter, see AA 316), Mr Max Lamshed ('The Advertiser' reporter), Mr HO Moore, Mr E Eldridge and Mr NB Tindale (ethnologist).

Tindale Tribes: Aranda; Anmatjera; Kukatja (NT); Ngalia; Pintubi.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/8
Date Range04 August, 1932  -  25 August, 1932
Quantity 4.8cm,   1   hardcover exercise book, 20.5x25.3 cm, 385 pages, 7 inserts, 7 loose items
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, General Correspondence, Maps, Photocopied Documents, Drawings, Sketches, Loose Notes
Series AA338/01