John Reese interview 1960

This item consists of a magnetic tape recording of an interview recorded 20 September 1960 at Norman B Tindale's home 'Kurlge' in Blackwood (SA). According to Tindale's 'Kurlge' journal (AA 338/1/48/1, p.277), 'John Reese fb. Woŋkaŋuru man of 55 years, son of Ngaltjagintaka whom I worked with at Pandi pandi on the Diamantina [River] in Aug. 1934 [came] home for the evening. I recorded a tape of his impressions of his people, and a few words of vocabulary'.
Annotations on the tape box include the following details: 'Njanpika fb. (John Reese) Woŋkaŋuru Tribe; an interview 20 Sept 1960. Son of an Aranda, he was born in 1905 at Kunuka on the Georgina River and was reared among the Woŋkaŋuru and by Mr L. Reese of Mirenda Station'.

The CD contains the following:
AA 338/11/19/

  • Interview with John Reese, Item A
    [Tracks 1-2. Tape No. 9600; TT56; reel 17]

Tindale Tribes: Wongkanguru.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/11/19/Tracks 1-2
Date Range1960  -  1960
Quantity   1   x 5 inch magnetic tape
Series AA338/11
Tindale Tribes: