Myths of Kungkarungkara 1964

This item consists of one magnetic tape prepared by Norman B Tindale for a meeting of the Astronomical Society of South Australia held on 1 April 1964. On the tape Tindale retells parts of the the narrative of the 'Myths of Kungkarungkara' ('women of the Pleiades' or Seven Sisters) as learned by him during fieldwork in central Australia. In particular, Tindale discusses Musgrave Ranges and Warburton Ranges versions of the story heard in 1933 and 1935 respectively. For further details see Tindale's 1959 paper: 'Totemic Beliefs in the Western Desert of Australia Part I: Women who became the Pleiades', Records of the South Australian Museum 13(3), pp. 305-332.

The tape box carries the following annotation in Tindale's hand: 'Myths of Kungkarungkara by N B Tindale; prepared for Astronomical Society meeting, 1 April 1964. Contains unpublished data plus data from my paper, AS 705'. 'AS 705' refers to the S. A. Museum Speech and Sound Collections register entry for this tape.

Note that this tape contains restricted material.

AA 338/11/24/

  • Myths of Kungkarungkara
    [Tracks 1-3. Tape No.9688; TT148; SAM 169; AS705]

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/11/24/Tracks 1-3
Date Range1964  -  1964
Quantity   1   x 3 inch magnetic tape, 1 access CD
Series AA338/11