This item consists of one magnetic tape recorded by Norman B Tindale at Papunya (NT) in 1964. Tindale and an associate, Prof. JGD Clark, travelled to central Australia to observe Aboriginal stone working techniques. This tape records songs sung by Ngalia men while working stone. The tape box contains the following annotations in Tindale's hand: 'Kangaroo totem and other songs sung by Ngalia men when at a stone tjurunga mine site at ŋadinba, 21 May 1964'.

For further details see: 'Visit to Papunya C. Australia with Prof. J.G.D. Clark, 20-24 May 1964', in Tindale's 'Journal on Campsites and Stone Implements of the Australian aborigines; and others; notes etc., by Norman B. Tindale. Vol 4 with index. Adelaide S. Aust. 1961-1965', AA 338/1/40/2, pp. 1015a-1037.

AA 338/11/25/

  • 'Kangaroo totem songs sung by Ngalia men when at a stone tjurunga site at Nadinba. Malkara (honey ant song)'
    [Tracks 1-25. Tape No. 9688; TT 148 & Tape No. 9689; TT149; SAM 170; AS711]

Tindale Tribes: Ngalia.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/11/25/Tracks 1-25
Date Range1964  -  1964
Quantity   1   x 3 inch magnetic tape, 1 access CD
Series AA338/11
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