Interview with John Irrgang 1964

Supplementary to: 'Kurlge, Blackwood, South Australia. Journal principally entomological and general by Norman B. Tindale. 1 June 1964 to 11 August 1969. Adelaide', AA 338/1/48/2

This series contains restricted material.

This item consists of 5 magnetic tapes recorded by Norman B Tindale during a meeting with with John Irrgang. In journal writings associated with the meeting, Tindale entered on 22 June 1964: 'went to Light Pass with Paul Lawson to meet an old identity of Killalapannina Mission, Johannes Gustav Irrgang at the home of the Rev RB Reuther, son of the Missionary of that mission' (Kurlge Journal AA 338/1/48/2, p.591). Tindale provided only a brief overview of the meeting in the journal.

For journal notes relating to the interview see AA 338/12/2/volume 1 and for a transcript of the interview see AA 338/12/3/3.

The following details have been taken from annotations written by Tindale on the tape boxes:
AA 338/11/26/
Reel 1 (Part 1)

  • Interview with John Irrgang about the Dieri, 22 June 1964
    Pronunciation of Diari, Tirari dialect; circumcision & subincision; dogs caught emus; tracked them during summer heat using possum skin waterbags; the fossil tree in museum came from E side of L Eyre on top of a sandhill N of Cooper about 30m W of mission; I:tadani; Kaurikuduni (cowarie Watari rat) [illegible]; kuiku puŋku, fibres and box trees
    [CD 1. Tracks 1-4. Tape No. 9689; TT149 & Tape No. 9690; TT150; AS 712,1: AS712]

Reel 2 (Part 2)
  • Ditjimiŋkani Cave ochres made by burning Parachilna ochre; pitjuri trade; skin rugs of kantu wallaby; rush nets and [illegible] of stones to anchor
    [CD 1. Track 5. Tape No. 9690; TT150; AS 712,2; AS712]

Reel 3 (Part 3)
  • Interview with John Irrgang about the Dieri, 22 June 1964.
    Search for lost member of Eylmann's party
    [CD 2. Tracks 1-3. Tape No. 9690; TT150; AS 712; AS712]

Reel 4 (Part 4)
  • Interview with John Irrgang about the Dieri, 22 June 1964.
    Witchetty grub of the Dieri tribe; witjuti in ground is padi; Lawson asks for meaning of place name Pantawalani; question re toa; trade routes; missionary children did not see corobori; kandri chisels, Lawson comment on quarry on Clayton; circumcision stone knife tul:a; drawings in sand; pastime; kintala = dogs track drawing; dingo pups eaten; kila wilpani 'womans organ' is original name for Killalapannina; Kaparamarani roots with hands = eroded gum trees, name of Kopparamanna; early days of mission. Present: Norman B Tindale, Rev. RB Reuther, Mr Johannes, Mr Lawson
    [CD 3. Tracks 1-4. Tape No. 9690; TT151; AS 712 pt.4; AS712]

Reel 5 (Part 5)
  • Interview with John Irrgang about the Dieri , 22 June 1964.
    Conversation between Rev Reuther and (Mr) Johannes in Dieri; discussion of the conversation in English; Johannes learned in infancy; mention of Teddy Vogelsang; Dintibana; Muramura Dorana; Rainbow serpent in waterhole; food taken to it by an old man; Lawsons reference to Kanamara place (man's hand place) = Kalamarani; Siebert missionary; Harry James Hillier teacher; Otto Siebert; Reuther diaries; Carl August Meyer diary; names along Cooper Creek; experiences of Dieri encounter with a monkey & ceremony of its funeral & burial
    [CD 4. Tracks 1-4. Tape No. 9690; TT151 & Tape No. 9691; TT152; AS 712 pt.5; AS712]

Reel 6 (Part 6)
  • Interview with John Irrgang about the Dieri, 22 June 1964.
    Mother Siebert (Rev Reuther's story); corobori; Mada wilpani place, holey [?] rock 10 m up from Kopperamanna; comments on reliability of Diari transcription; methods used in translating Bible into Diari; the word jat:aparina; Dr Stolz & Gospel of Luke, 2 chapters translated; Diamantina water snakes and others; wiparu blacksnake; Kadimalkara / Kadimanikura, a serpent supposed mythical; kadni jew lizard
    [CD 5. Tracks 1-4. Tape No. 9691; TT152 & Tape No. 9692; TT153; AS 712 pt.6; AS712]

Tindale Tribes: Dieri.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/11/26/CDs 1-5
Date Range1964  -  1964
Quantity   2   x 3 inch; 3 x 5 inch magnetic tapes, 5 access CDs
Series AA338/11
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